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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hass Harley features in Heavy Duty

The Hass Harley that we completed earlier this year has been featured in this months Heavy Duty Magazine.

Grab a copy of Issue # 118, Sep / Oct 2011 to read the article on pages 122 - 125.
To see pictures of the completed bike visit our Gallery page or to read the article, visit our Magazine Articles & Media Page...both can be found @ www.airbrushasylum.com.au
To subscribe to Australia’s leading Harley magazine visit :

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bodypainting @ Myer Bourke Street Melbourne for Olympus

From time to time we are asked to do some Bodypainting. In this case we were commissioned by Olympus to Bodypaint 2 Male Models at Myer Bourke Street (Melbourne). We only had two hours to complete the work and we were not allowed to use airbrushes because of overspray etc..
Because we weren’t allowed to use airbrushes we used paint, brushes and paint markers to complete the work. We were asked to bodypaint two Rugby Jerseys to co-incide with Olympus’s launch for their new compact SLR camera, where they were giving away a Rugby Jersey to anyone who purchased their new camera.

Check out the pix now using the link provided : 

Until next time...keep paintin'

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