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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Airbrushed Vans shoes with a mural of a Ford XP Ute.

Late last year we were commissioned to complete a mural of a Ford XP Ute on either side of a pair of Vans skate / street shoes. The mural was rendered as accurately as possible, completely freehand from a reference photo supplied by the customer.

These shoes are proof that...anything can be airbrushed, although most of our work is automotive related, focusing heavily on Harley's and Custom mototorcycles...Even a pair of shoes can be rendered  to become a one off piece of art that can even be worn!

We hope you like the end result and if you have something unusual that you would like airbrushed then feel free to contact us via our website -


Until next time, thanks for reading and keep paintin'

Airbrushed Heath Ledger / Joker, 16x20 inch Canvas.

This particular artwork was completed late last year, for a client who's partner absolutely loves Heath Ledger and the Joker, therefore it was decided that the artwork should reflect this and with the help of the client we merged 3 different images together on Photoshop, to create the reference for this particular artwork. The painting was created using different tones of grey and black with some white highlights and only a hint of colour on the Jokers lips. We hope you like the pictures of the completed artwork, if you wish to commission a painting similar to this or you would like to check out what else we can airbrush, then feel free to visit our website :


Thanks for reading...and until next time keep paintin'

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Airbrush Asylum displaying at the Kustom Nationals @ Phillip Island Race Track.

We will be displaying and airbrushing at the Kustom Nationals show this weekend.

A great way to start the new year, we will be set up at Phillip Island racetrack with a couple of Harley's on display including the skulls and guns bike and the dragon and castle bike.

If you are looking for something to do then feel free to visit us, we will be located inside, in one of the lock up garages with an 11x4m area to showcase some of our works. As well as the Harley's we also have the new terminator mini bonnet and the SlipKnot bonnet on display.

We hope to see you at the show to check out our stand and all of the Kool Kustom vehicles...it's going to be a great Saturday and Sunday.

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