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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Pets Prerogative Groomers are now on board and promoting our Airbrushed Pet Portraits.

Airbrush Asylum is happy to announce that we have our first Pet Groomers on board helping us to promote our Pet Portraits. Amongst selected adoption friendly Pet Shops, A Pets Prerogative can now take orders from their customers and help raise $10 from each Canvas sold, which will be donated by Airbrush Asylum to 'Oscars Law' foundation to help abolish puppy farms.

We hope to airbrush many of their customers beloved pets onto Canvases and sell lots of portraits so that we can donate plenty of money to Oscars Law and support such a great cause.

For more info on A Pets Prerogative, check out the info below :

For more info on Oscars Law visit their website : www.oscarslaw.org

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